Author: markus

How to wear a pocket square with a crew-neck t-shirt and blazer

T-shirt, blazer and a pocket square is perfect to nail that casual look. See our three combinations to get you going.

Where does my tie bar go?

A question we get a lot: Where does my tie bar go? We don’t really like pointing fingers, truth is never absolute when it comes to fashion. As long you feel comfortable, you’re fine – that’s our motto. Having said that, let us give you three pointers about how some fashionistas think around tie bars/tie clips.

Grooming your beard is nursing your ties

Tying the perfect tie knot is easier said than done, but just keep tying and wearing and before you know…

Purple ties – Stand out from the crowd

“The royal colour” as it is often referred to is becoming more acceptable. Compared to the red “power” tie”, purple…

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